We are MARGINS; we focus on bookkeeping, accounting and financial advisory services with main target to offer customized solutions based on the specific requirements of our clients. Our main purpose is to build highly developed accounting monitoring procedures and provide all the necessary financial condition and liability reports for business owners.


Having the customer and the market needs in mind MARGINS developed the “ALL-IN-ONE” service. In a highly developed and modern infrastructure of 400 m2 four independent accounting, marketing, IT and law firms collaborate closely in the same environment creating a flexible and fast decision-making process to cover everything you need to make your business boom.

Main idea

Financial services

  • Rational budgeting
  • Viability study
  • Studies for financing solutions

Legal services

  • Establishment of the legal framework

Advertising & Marketing Services

  • Strategic planning of company’s launch and growth

ΙΤ solutions

  • Design of main concept’s technical standards
Step 1

Financial services

  • Selection of company’s legal form (tax rates)
  • Implementation of set up activities to competent public authorities

Legal services

  • Selection of company’s legal form
  • Statutory text editing

Advertising & Marketing Services

  • Company profile design
  • Design of corporate communication material
  • Marketing plan development

ΙΤ solutions

  • Supply of necessary software and hardware
Step 2

Financial services

  • Organization of accounts
  • Employment and insurance

Legal services

  • Consultancy on corporate and commercial law– commercial contracts
  • Intellectual property

Advertising & Marketing Services

  • Graphic design and Marketing services for the promotion and support of products and services.

ΙΤ solutions

  • Office computerization and automation
  • ΙΤ structure development
  • Programming and development
Step 3

Financial services

  • Accounting services
  • Corporate design & Reporting
  • Payroll services

Legal services

  • Board of Directors/General Assembly/Administration minutes
  • Labour dispute resolution
  • Conversion of company's legal form

Advertising & Marketing Services

  • Brand development
  • Advertising & Campaign design
  • Digital and social media services

ΙΤ solutions

  • Office computerization and automation
  • Direct interconnection of corporate commercial and accounting software.
  • ΙΤ structure support
  • Programming and development
Step 4


Our company provides a range of financial services responding primarily to the continuous changes on fiscal legislation and tax system, taking full advantage of our executives’ high quality expertise and numerous years of experience in complex tax issues.

Accounting services

Aiming essentially at the provision of overall solutions and at your business support in all requirements that emerge, our company undertakes the keeping and supervision of the accounts at your company’s headquarters or at your office. Based on the special needs of each company our accounting services include:

  • Bookkeeping and update with the single-entry and double-entry system
  • Direct support on regular and exceptional checks
  • Organization, supervision and monitoring of company’s accounting department
  • Document collection
  • Document filing
  • Out-of-office services
  • Drawing of financial report on a monthly basis

Tax consultancy services

Responding to continuous fiscal reforms and through our high expertise in complex tax matters, our company takes care of your fiscal obligations settlement, providing methodic services that include:

  • Income tax for legal entities
  • Optimization of tax encumbrance
  • Preparation for managing tax audits
  • Preparation and submission of all VAT statements
  • Statements of tax on salary and wages
  • Collective statements
  • Balance sheet and year-end statements
  • Recapitulative statements (INTRASTAT)

Consultancy services

Based on our numerous years of experience and our high quality expertise in a broad range of financial services our company provides consultancy services including:

  • Consultancy on office computerization and automation
  • Organization and support for rational budget draw-up
  • Cash flow planning
  • Viability study
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Assessment for company acquisition and sale

Payroll services

Following the current models of human resource management our company has a well-structured department specialized in the management of labour and insurance issues offering services such as:

  • Calculation of payroll, contributions and payable amounts
  • Recruitment, resignation and interruption of cooperation management
  • Payroll analysis per employee & cost centre
  • Consultancy on labour and insurance matters, dismissal compensation, subsidized jobs
  • Computer reports of staff compensation
  • Statements of the Social Insurance Foundation (Analytical Periodic Report)
  • Issue of pay slips, allowances etc
  • Preparation and submission of staff regulations
  • Participation of your company in subsidized programs through the Organisation for Employment of the Workforce (OAED)
  • Calculation & Control of legal wage

Registered office services

To simplify administrative processing and in order to facilitate our clients we offer the services below:

  • Provision of Margins registered offices for your company’s incorporation
  • Company founding
  • Secretarial support
  • Legal support
  • 1. Accounting services
  • 2. Tax consultancy services
  • 3. Consultancy services
  • 4. Payroll services
  • 5. Registered office services


After many years of work and collaboration with some of the biggest accounting offices in Greece, we created MARGINS. Our main objective is not to create another accounting office but armed with the knowledge obtained through our numerous years of experience and the continuing training to become a strategic partner for our clients.


Combining the high level expertise with the young and dynamic profile of our company we offer solutions to our clients with flexibility, reliability and effectiveness as our main objectives. These qualities ranked us between the most growing companies of our kind and gave us the opportunity to offer high quality services in a constantly changing tax system.


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